The Celebration of Light is a celebration in relation to everything awesome about Vancouver. We live in a very beautiful city. We are fortunate enough to live in one of the most beautiful places on the planet. We pride ourselves in clean streets, a progressive city government, and warm neighbors. Accordingly, we have put together the Celebration of Light as an annual celebration of everything that is distinctive about this British Columbia Canadian City.

If you are a resident of Vancouver, this is the place to show your pride and share information that would enable people from all over the world to appreciate this city better. Maybe you know of a great restaurant, great parks or any other kind of public service.

Share that information here because people are interested in and seeking out this information. People want to add value to their lives and through this information. Don’t be shy. Don’t hesitate. Don’t hold back. The more you share, the more you are free with this information, the more lives you touch.

That’s the magic of Vancouver because we are an open city. We believe in equality, open sharing, and enabling people from all from all walks and backgrounds of life to live a life that truly enables them to achieve their fullest potential. It is with this open mentality and open philosophy that we have made available this online space and platform for people to show their pride and share both city and non-city resources.

If you are a private organization or a non-governmental organization and have a particular cause that you are concerned about, share your resources here. The more people hear about it, the happier we are because we truly believe that the best way to add value to anything is to share it. So, share information because it grows with value each and every time it’s shared.

Every time it’s improvised on and added onto, it grows value, and it touches many more lives. This is the core principle of this website. We believe this is also the core principle that forms the bedrock or the foundation of the whole city of Vancouver. It definitely is reflected in the smiles, warm embraces and open hugs of the people that live in this amazing Canadian City.

Share ideas to improve your city. Share it is to improve our standard of life, and so we can become a beacon of hope from afar for the rest of Canada, as well as people from all over the world.

People come to Canada for a reason. People look at our country as a land of second, third or even fourth chances because here, it doesn’t matter what your past is, where you’ve come from, or what you’ve done. What matters is the future that you have set out for yourself, and your willingness to work hard to make that future take place. This is why Canada exists in the first place.

Share your references. Feel free to network, and let’s get the ball rolling. Get those ideas flowing and flowing because we believe that the more ideas are shared, the stronger they become, and the more they grow in value.

Get out there. Let’s show pride together and inspire each other to keep reaching for the stars. The best days of Vancouver and Canada in general are still way ahead of it.