Affordable Uniform Printing – A Look at the Essential Considerations


Quality is vital to your brand and to the success of your brand, and because all t-shirts are not the same and all print jobs are different, it’s important that you are better informed so you can select your blank shirts wisely. For the best deals on printed t-shirts, visit the Teesnow website.

There’ll always be a temptation to reduce cost at the expense of quality so as to make higher profit margins but there has to be a consideration for how the quality of your t-shirt will affect the decision of your customers to share your brand and buy from you in the future.

Quality t-shirts incorporate several factors such as sizing, fit, softness, material, and weight. A great starting point for defining which blank t-shirt to use is online reviews of some of the best blank t-shirts for printing.

T-shirt Printing Quality

These days, there are some well-known ways of printing onto t-shirts with each method having its own pros and cons. Each method also partially depends on the amount of time you want to devote to product creation along with the printing partner you decide to go with.

Below, the print methods are outlined to give you a clearer understanding of each method.

Screen Printing

This is an old technique that has been around for a long time and it is one of the most popular techniques for printing on t-shirts. Screen printing delivers long-lasting and durable results. However, because the initial setup is labour intensive, it is most economical when printing in bulk. Screen printing also creates issues relating to intricate designs or designs that require more than four or five colours because each colour adds to the costs and the production time.


  • Inexpensive for large batches
  • Bulk discounts


  • Only good for printing simple images and designs
  • Expensive for multiple colours

Heat Transfer

Heat transfers exist in various forms and they have also stood the test of time. You may have come across the basic heat transfer paper in your local store that deals in office supplies. Although when it comes to printing your designs from a home computer and transferring them with the iron, these make it easy, they won’t be adequate when it comes to using them for business. The more cutting-edge form of heat transfers known as plastisol transfers is printed on special, top quality heat transfer paper by professional printers. The benefit of this is that you are able to order a load of prints at your local printers and as you receive orders you can then transfer them using a commercial heat press machine to your t-shirts.

Heat transfers are able to print full-colour images onto t-shirts quite quickly and easily.


  • Each shirt can be printed on demand


  • Lower quality and less long-lasting than screen printing and direct-to-garment
  • Huge upfront investment in a heat press machine
  • Do-it-yourself approach means you need to put in some additional time.