Best Heat Transfer Vinyl Reviews – A Look at Heat Transfer Vinyl for T-Shirts


Whether you desire to transfer those fantastic designs on your computer to your clothing materials or to your customer’s fabrics, one thing is certain. You are required to choose the perfect htv for tee printing needs. Even though it is not quite difficult to choose a good heat transfer vinyl, you still need to research comprehensively and due to the numerous works that you have to do, there might be little or no time for research.

Fortunately, I have been able to use numerous varieties of heat transfer vinyl, and I believe that my experience will be beneficial. In view of that, I came up with this article about using and cutting heat transfer vinyl.

What Is Heat Transfer Vinyl?

Popularly referred as HTV, heat transfer vinyl simply means a special type of vinyl that is used for the transfer of designs onto various materials such as fabric and it is done in the presence of pressure and heat.

HTV comes in various forms like rolls and sheets embedded with adhesive backings. Each sheet or roll comes with one color but we have several other options for reflective, flocked, glitter, 3D puff, and glow in hidden areas.

Listed below are some of the basic things you have to consider before purchasing a heat transfer vinyl to ensure that it suits your requirements:

Color diversity

While transferring and creating designs, there is high probability that you will work with several colors.

Therefore, you need to go for vinyl packs that provides you with numerous ranges of colors that can conveniently suit any design.

Always ensure that you select colors that are trendy and ideal for your unique projects.


In this present time, heat transfer vinyl bundles are available in various qualities. Obviously, you ought to opt for excellent quality if you desire to produce fantastic end results.

High-quality vinyl is durable and can withstand scratches, wear, tear and does not fade easily regardless of the number of times you wash the clothes.

If you desire to get the best heat transfer vinyl bundles, opt for the one with thin structure. Thinner vinyl is easier to cut by the machine, and in turn, can easily be transferred to the design.

Ease of transfer

If you opt for the wrong vinyl, it will cause you lots of discomforts while transferring the designs onto several garments.

To avoid this difficult process, I advise that you buy a heat transfer vinyl that can be easily transferred to fabrics. Lightweight, thin vinyl is known to attach onto fabrics easily.

Vinyl material that can be removed easily, reverse cut accompanied with the application of heat to a garment.

Durability – Excellent, when applied properly the heat transfer vinyl is durable and will last longer than the garment without any distortion, fading, or peeling.

Look/Feel – Ranges per material. Some products offer a soft finish that is dull or matte, while other products are glossy and thick on the garment. Specialized products such as flock also come with their own features as well.

Ideal For – Personalization and lower quantities, used for the design of numbers and names on sports uniforms, some products offer a fantastic feel for use on trendy apparel. Make sure that peruse this article and apply it in real life.