Best Monitor for Console Gaming: HDR PS4 Pro Gaming Monitor


If you’re out to get an HDR PS4 Pro Gaming Monitor for Mac, PC, or just good monitor at a great budget, then be sure to continue reading.

Using the Xbox One or PlayStation 4 requires that you have a TV or monitor. A lot of people, including online console gaming pro players, opt for using a monitor rather than a TV set for console gaming. This is as a result of the fact that a great gaming monitor offers you better mobility, greater responsiveness, better color production, and a better image quality than a TV set. Most times, a monitor tends to enhance your gaming experience while playing on the console. So the question that comes to mind is: what gaming monitor is best for Xbox One and PS4?

The process of choosing a monitor for console gaming could be an onerous task for a lot of people because there are numerous monitors on the market and a lot of specifications that you need to compare them against. Also, there are numerous monitor models, brands, and an assortment of other specs that come into consideration. Some of the relevant specifications include resolution, connectivity, refresh rate, screen size, and panel type.

Here are some of the key features of an HDR ps4 pro gaming monitor:

  1. HD/UHD

This is another important issue to take up when purchasing a PS4 monitor. Many gamers are looking for 4K ultra high definition (UHD) for super-clear gaming. However, you should definitely consider factors like the higher costs for UHD monitors. You might determine that the price tag is too high for your budget. On the other hand, if you want a top-notch gaming monitor then you might decide the price tag is worthwhile.

  1. Size

As a general rule for a pro gaming monitor for PS4 gaming should be a large one. It’s a much type of application than doing work on your PC or Mac, for example. The price tag of such monitors is greatly dependent on the size. So if you’re looking for a large HDR monitor you should definitely be prepared to pay a higher price tag. It’s arguably worth it if it provides you with a better experience.

Make sure to consider factors like the overall experience you want to have using the monitor. It’s also critical to think about matters like how large the screen is in terms of its footprint and other issues. This will help you to pick the monitor with the right size for your needs.

  1. Stand

When installing the display the main options you’ll have are hanging on a wall or sitting on a stand. If you want to use a stand then it’s a plus if the unit includes a bundled stand. This is usually the case but it’s worth checking whether or not a stand is included with the display. If it is then you can save money on a stand, which can be somewhat high based on the one you pick.

  1. Brand

When picking your PS4 monitor you’ll have several brands to pick from. It’s highly advisable to pick an established brand instead of an off brand. This will help to provide a unit with better quality, functionality, features, etc. It also means there’s a better chance you won’t have to replace the display anytime soon. That’s definitely something you’ll want to avoid when spending hundreds of dollars on a gaming display.

  1. Features

Make sure to know all the bells and whistles you’ll want your PS4 display to have. This can include various ones like an ultra-thin bezel and others. If you know which features you’re searching for it will be easier to pick the “right” model for your gaming. That’s why you should definitely make a check list before you start shopping.

  1. Price

Yet another issue to take up is the price tag of the display. Make sure to set a budget before you start shopping. This will help you to pick a unit that you can reasonably afford. You could spend a little more than the price range you’ve set but you should definitely try to avoid going far over your budget.  In that case it will basically nullify the need to set one.