Choose the Best House Cleaning Services with these Essential Tips


It is quite difficult to choose a house cleaning service. You must follow the right process before making a decision. In fact, I will advise that you treat the process as if you are interviewing someone. You are hiring someone for house cleaning services Edmonton through the Duty Cleaners website to allow them have access to your intimate and private space and work with your priceless and expensive possessions. You need to consider various factors asides the cost per visit and ensure that they meet your expectations and satisfy your needs. Always ensure that you check for details about your house cleaning provider to make an informed decision that will be of great benefit to you.

Is the house cleaning service you are considering insured?

This is an essential factor that you need to consider. Although your property insurance always cover some forms of injuries, that doesn’t apply to all cases, and most times, the cost is not more than $10,000. In most cases this is adequate, but always ensure that insurance is carried out by a professional home cleaner to help reduce your risks. At least, they should have workman’s compensation, full coverage auto and a general liability policy. Workman’s compensation is always the most expensive task to carry out compared to others, but it happens to be the most important. If one of your workers is hurt without this insurance you could be the one that will be responsible for the injuries sustained and will even take care of the lost wages due to their inability to work. It should be incredibly easy to hire a house cleaner and a quality service provider should be able to provide the necessary documents upon request.

Will your new house cleaning service offer a guarantee?

For most service providers, they don’t have a formal written document of any kind. But, the reliable companies are always in possession of these documents. Ask them for copies of these documents or check them on their website, that is if they have a functioning one. A strong guarantee will offer you with a thorough re-clean of materials found to be deficient in the cleaning process if you call on the provider within a specified period of time, usually 24 hours. Another thing guaranteed by quality service providers is your day of scheduled visit. If you have agreed with them to always come on every Friday for the cleaning operations, I assure you that the team will always be ready and at alert.

How do they pay their employees?

I am sure that you wouldn’t like to pay people illegally, whether it is done via the company or done intentionally, because ultimately you may be responsible for the payment of taxes to the IRS if you carry out several household services and you failed to render taxes based on the services rendered by the service provider. Also, this also helps avoid opting for a company that always pay its workers substandard wages, and engage in other unwholesome employment practices such as employing undocumented workers. All of these things can affect you either financially or socially and the resulting effect can be devastating in the long run. In view of this, always opt for a company that pays its workers properly and render all local and federal employment taxes at the right time.