Icecubicle Blog: Essential Comparison Factors for the Best Water Softeners


It is vital you invest time into comparing and contrasting when you are looking out for the best water softener, and the way you can go about that is having a very thorough set of criteria. This will assist you in getting the best unit that will efficiently meet your needs, thus becoming a great investment. Conferring to IceCubicle blog, to get the best unit in the market, it is important that your set of meticulous criteria include some of these vital factors.

Grains capacity

The grains capacity of any water softener is one of the vital factors you should look out for since this is among the factors that influence the water softening procedure. It is important that you compare this with whatever level of hardness your water supply has. The hardness level can be determined with some kits, this is recommended if your city water supply board does not supply with information on the hardness of the water supplied. The grain capacity is measured in grains per gallon. It is important that you should opt for a water softener that can manage the hardness level of the water supplied to your home.


Another factor that you would have to consider is the brand of the water softener. A number of reliable brands that you will find in the market that you can count on for efficiency, effectiveness, and durability. Among these brands, include Kinetico, Calgon, Culligan, Pelican, Kenmore and much more.

Water softeners are used to remove hard water minerals. The number of minerals present in the water makes it “difficult” to do certain things such as do laundry. When hard water is moving through pipes, it can easily cause buildups and clogs because minerals are deposited on pipe surfaces. Soap can not dissolve in hard water. So people use water softeners to dissolve the minerals and improve the movement and state of the water. When you are choosing a water softener product, there are several attributes that you should consider.

Capacity of the water softener

When choosing a water softener it is useful to know how much water you use about a year. This can be found on the invoice of the drinking water company. Do you not know the annual consumption exactly? No problem, manufacturers of water softeners always give an indication of the kind of household for which the softener is suitable.

Try getting a compact water softener

Water softeners are available in several models. On the one hand, there are the compact water softeners in which all components are housed in one housing, on the other hand, there are systems that consist of separate modules. The operating principle is identical for both systems. But which water softener should you choose now? This depends on the location where the water softener will be placed. For example, in a cellar or crawl cellar, it can be useful to work with separate modules so that the salt supply can be easily replenished. In other cases, it is more convenient to have a compact system in which all components are accommodated.

Dual or single system?

A duplex system, with two resin cylinders, is particularly interesting if you want to be able to constantly use softened water. These systems are getting cheaper and sometimes there are interesting offers. In many cases, however, you can amply suffice with a standard system or simplex system with one cylinder. You may occasionally have no softened water every now and then because the appliance has to regenerate but that will not lead to insurmountable problems. The water softener has a bypass that is switched on during regeneration so that you always have access to standard tap water.

Pick a high-quality water softener

When buying a water softener, do not just pay attention to the price, but also look at the quality of the appliance. A good quality water softener has good parts that last a long time and require little maintenance. It mainly concerns the valves in the system that regulate the water flow. Valves, rubbers, and other inferior quality seals will eventually cause malfunctions and lead to costly repairs. Always request a quote and compare the softening equipment.

Look at the price usage of the softener

Pay attention to both power consumption and salt consumption when purchasing. A water softener functions 24 hours a day. Here, a certain amount of power is consumed. The more economical the appliance, the more you can save. So try and choose a water softener that is more affordable to run.