Make Proper Utilization Of Space In Your Warehouse


There are a lot of businessmen who struggle to manage their warehouse. There are lots of products that you need to store but space is limited. If there will be no proper storage of your good, your business may run in loss due to goods getting destroyed. So, as a business owner, you should invest your money in drive in racking storage system. It provides proper space to your stocks and prevents them from getting destroyed. You get different blocks that help you to classify different kinds of products in your store. You will be able to determine the type of racking system that will be suitable for your products by identifying their weight and packaging. If the height is high, you can use the forklift to reach those places. This storage system has got different names like straight-in shelves and hallway shelves.

Benefits of drive-in racks

  • You need not to leave extra space for forklift if you install this system in your warehouse as they are systematically made.
  • Different places can be arranged for different kinds of products. The spaces of both the sides are utilized to make the racks for getting more space to locate your inventories.
  • They provide a cubic structure which is convenient for the storage.
  • This storage system provides you high-density storage area in low capital investment.

What are the guidelines to be followed while installing the drive in racks?

There are different ways to style these racks but all have the same aim to increase the density of storage. The teardrop racking is one of the most common designs used by engineers. It has got such name because of the punch hole design in the frame which resembles the teardrop. These holes are made for the connectors of crossbeams to create more space.

Calculate cost

Before you install the racking system, you will have to calculate the cost per unit of installation. By measuring the warehouse, you will have to estimate the total cost of racking. Then consider your other factors cost like logistic cost, labor cost and then according to that you will have to decide how much finance you can invest in this system.

Analyze your industry 

You should look at the environment of your industry then analyze the lifecycle of your organization that will help to make the correct choice for your industry. If you are a stable industry like those of food packaging industry then you require more space as compared to the innovation or technology industry because they are flexible.

Product ranking

You need to find out how many sections you will require for your products. For that, you will have to find out how many types of products you need to stock in your unit.

Equipment required

You need to find out what kind of pallet handling equipment you have in your warehouse as they play an important role in handling and uplifting the product to their proper place. If they are not in proper condition, you need to invest in them either by buying a new one or second hand, it depends on our finance.