What You Need to Know About Composite Board Accessories


When decking your garden, make sure to get high quality boards, regardless if they are composite or timber. The best boards are fully capped and designed with anti-slip, anti-splinter, anti-fade and anti-mould properties.

Composite decking in particular uses non-corrosive additives that improve the life expectancy and look of the boards, rendering them resistant to rot, water and decay.

Hidden fixings 

The accessories that often accompany composite boards provide flexibility to your project, and range from fixings to corner trims.

For a clean surface look, go with fixings that are invisible. Composite decking boards have the great advantage of allowing the use of hidden fasteners, which is not the case with wood decking. No drilling is required, which means you can enjoy your decking for longer.

The hidden fasteners work by creating a gap between the boards which in turn are stabilised with the help of the existing groove on the side of the deckboard. The fixings are secured at each point where a board crosses over a joist.

You can hide the invisible fixings in between the boards, plus you have two spacing options available: 6 mm and 3 mm. Make your choice based on the amount of space you need between the composite boards.

6 mm fasteners are great for easy access as they allow a larger gap – this is particularly handy when installing a deck for the first time. Also, due to the gap, you can take out individual boards, without damaging the rest of the decking. On the other hand, 3 mm fasteners make for a board gap that is narrower, for an even tidier finish.

All in all, hidden fasteners are better than traditional ones because they prevent water from damaging the boards, since there are no screw holes in the decking. They can also protect the boards from frost, bugs and wear and tear, plus they look good; if you need to learn more, please check https://www.dinodecking.co.uk/category/composite-decking-boards/.

Other accessories

Finally, no decking is complete without fascia boards and corner trims. For a perfect finish, just make sure these have the same colour as your decking boards and that the same composite material was used.

Just like the boards, corner trims and fascia boards also feature different finishes on each of the two sides, such as a sanded texture versus an embossed wood finish. You can extend that screw-free look for your fascia boards by using graphite or another type of adhesive.


Typically, you can collect your decking boards from your supplier’s warehouse, but delivery to your property is also available. After placing your order online, you can expect it to reach the destination within 3 to 7 working days. Contact your supplier in case you need the boards sooner, and they may be able to expedite the delivery.

Just make sure a van can access your property to unload the order; you can also choose to have the decking delivered at the front of your premises, as long as this won’t damage the boards. Also, someone needs to be available to help the driver unload.